Planning and Implementation, Construction Management

Volkswagen Product Experience 2012

Under the title "The One Moment", a major event was held in Zaragoza, Spain, where 13,500 Volkswagen dealers from over 30 countries were able to experience first-hand the new Glof 7. Following a show and several workshops, the highlight for the visitors came at the opening night party at Club 7, where the new vehicle was impressively put on display from a height of 25 metres.

  • VW PE 2012

BMW 1 Series Launch

Planning, implementation and construction management

Advertised as “Ein Fantasticher Abend” (A Fantastic Evening), BMW launched the 1 Series at a major exhibition at the Olympiahalle in Munich. 10,000 people attended this spectacular show for the opportunity to marvel at the new range of BMWs. In keeping with the slogan, the evening was brought to a close with a live concert by the band “Die Fantastischen Vier” (The Fantastic Four).

  • BMW 1er Premiere

Volkswagen Product Experience

Planning, implementation and construction management

7.500 car dealers from around Europe were introduced to two new models of Volkswagen at this event in Alicante, Spain. A temporary car-sales showroom was assembled, as well as eight training rooms and facilities for car wash and repair. Separate venues were provided for the daily opening and closing sessions, and a "club" was constructed for the evening venue.

  • VW Product Experience

Lamborghini XII in Rome

Planning, implementation and construction management

Lamborghini conquered the eternal city of Rome for the international press and dealer launch of the new Avantador, setting up a temporary Lamborghini museum, vehicle exhibitions in public places, and a test-drive centre at the Vallelunga racing circuit.

  • Lamborghini XII a Roma

BMW 5 Series Presentation

Lighting design and installation

The new 5 Series from BMW was put on show at a hangar in Munich airport. Featuring a variety of demonstrations on a large, three-tiered stage, this event was grand on every level.

  • BMW 5er Präsentation

Tiguan Night Race

Planning and implementation, construction management

This lifestyle event to celebrate the launch of the VW Tiguan was held in offbeat, non-purpose-built locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich and featured kart races, shows and parties.

  • Tiguan Night Race

Siemens Climatic Tour

Planning and implementation, construction management

In a mobile exhibition lasting 7 months across 17 different European cities, Siemens proved that their new cellphone could withstand the harshest climates in the world. Purpose-built chambers allowed participants to experience simulated environments such as frozen Arctic igloos, desert sandstorms and humid tropical jungles with waterfalls.

  • Siemens Climatic Tour

VW Passat Business Forum

Planning and implementation, construction management

Key business customers were given the opportunity to experience the new VW Passat hands-on, at a show and major exhibition held in 7 major cities across Germany, with workshops and test-drive events.

  • VW Passat Business Forumv

MAN Exhibition Stand

Lighting planning and implementation

At the IAA for Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, MAN presented their entire truck and bus fleet. Our task was to provide the lighting design and rigging for the 8,000 square metre exhibition stand (which contained over 20 large vehicles) as well as for various catering facilities and numerous consultation rooms and alcoves.


Lamborghini “Mythen” Exhibition

Lighting design and installation

Lamborghini organised a vehicle exhibition entitled “Mythen” (Myths) at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. We supplied the lighting design for this event and subsequently won a Red Dot Award in the category of Communication Design.

  • Ausstellung Mythen

o2 world Architectural lighting

Light design and installation

“Please light the building so that it stands out and catches the eye from a distance – but don’t hang, attach or erect anything.” That was the challenge we were given for this project. Our approach: to design special lamps which could be integrated into aluminium ramps. The result is unique, as the pictures demonstrate!

  •  o2 world on tour

Café Kaiserschmarrn

Lighting design and installation

Café Kaiserschmarrn – the Pancake Café – is the Land of Plenty (of desserts) at the Oktoberfest in Munich. The great attention to detail in our lighting design ensured that visitors were drawn in, with their mouths already watering, and could not help but enter this wonderland of delights!

  • Cafe Kaiserschmarrn

Siemens Visitor Conference Training Center

Lighting design

Siemens built a modern centre for visitors, conferences and training in Zug, Switzerland. We were responsible for the lighting scheme, which was devised to complement the simplicity of the architectural concepts. The result is a sophisticated and feel-good interior design.

  • Siemens Showroom

Siemens Customer Information Center

Lighting design and installation

Siemens commissioned an interactive showroom for their factory in Munich. Here, new technologies are presented to major business customers using the latest multimedia platforms. We developed and applied a sophisticated control concept for the seamless interaction between media technology and light.

  • Showroom

Lighting design for broadcast live TV

Lang Lang Birthday Concert

The superstar Lang Lang celebrated his 30th bisthday in Berlin with a large gala concert, which was broadcast live in ARTE. In addition to Lang Lang himself, also featured were Herbie Hancock, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, and 50 children from around the world on 25 Steinway pianos.

  • Lang Lang

Greenscreens for D'Artagnan

The movie “The Three Musketeers” was shot by Constantin Film at different locations in Germany, and starred Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz, Milla Jovovich and Til Schweiger, among others. We built greenscreens in various structures on set at these locations, to allow real scenery, temporarily constructed scenery and fiction to be merged in post-production.

  • Hollywood Produktion

LED Lighting Development

Design and development, installation

If there is no appropriate lighting on the market for special applications, this certainly does not mean the end of the project. What does not exist is simply invented! And as we develop and manufacture new bulbs for our customers, we do so remembering the motto, “Geht nicht gibt's nicht!” (There’s no such thing as no-can-do!)

  • LED Leuchte

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