Planning and Implementation, Construction Management

Volkswagen Product Experience 2012

Under the title "The One Moment", a major event was held in Zaragoza, Spain, where 13,500 Volkswagen dealers from over 30 countries were able to experience first-hand the new Glof 7. Following a show and several workshops, the highlight for the visitors came at the opening night party at Club 7, where the new vehicle was impressively put on display from a height of 25 metres.

  • VW PE 2012

BMW 1 Series Launch

Planning, implementation and construction management

Advertised as “Ein Fantasticher Abend” (A Fantastic Evening), BMW launched the 1 Series at a major exhibition at the Olympiahalle in Munich. 10,000 people attended this spectacular show for the opportunity to marvel at the new range of BMWs. In keeping with the slogan, the evening was brought to a close with a live concert by the band “Die Fantastischen Vier” (The Fantastic Four).

  • BMW 1er Premiere

Volkswagen Product Experience

Planning, implementation and construction management

7.500 car dealers from around Europe were introduced to two new models of Volkswagen at this event in Alicante, Spain. A temporary car-sales showroom was assembled, as well as eight training rooms and facilities for car wash and repair. Separate venues were provided for the daily opening and closing sessions, and a "club" was constructed for the evening venue.

  • VW Product Experience

Lamborghini XII in Rome

Planning, implementation and construction management

Lamborghini conquered the eternal city of Rome for the international press and dealer launch of the new Avantador, setting up a temporary Lamborghini museum, vehicle exhibitions in public places, and a test-drive centre at the Vallelunga racing circuit.

  • Lamborghini XII a Roma

BMW 5 Series Presentation

Lighting design and installation

The new 5 Series from BMW was put on show at a hangar in Munich airport. Featuring a variety of demonstrations on a large, three-tiered stage, this event was grand on every level.

  • BMW 5er Präsentation

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