o2 world Architectural lighting

Light design and installation

“Please light the building so that it stands out and catches the eye from a distance – but don’t hang, attach or erect anything.” That was the challenge we were given for this project. Our approach: to design special lamps which could be integrated into aluminium ramps. The result is unique, as the pictures demonstrate!

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Café Kaiserschmarrn

Lighting design and installation

Café Kaiserschmarrn – the Pancake Café – is the Land of Plenty (of desserts) at the Oktoberfest in Munich. The great attention to detail in our lighting design ensured that visitors were drawn in, with their mouths already watering, and could not help but enter this wonderland of delights!

  • Cafe Kaiserschmarrn

Siemens Visitor Conference Training Center

Lighting design

Siemens built a modern centre for visitors, conferences and training in Zug, Switzerland. We were responsible for the lighting scheme, which was devised to complement the simplicity of the architectural concepts. The result is a sophisticated and feel-good interior design.

  • Siemens Showroom

Siemens Customer Information Center

Lighting design and installation

Siemens commissioned an interactive showroom for their factory in Munich. Here, new technologies are presented to major business customers using the latest multimedia platforms. We developed and applied a sophisticated control concept for the seamless interaction between media technology and light.

  • Showroom

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